The Benjamin Katz™ Gourmet Sugarplums 2013 Limited Edition

Gold CoinsYou don't have to be King Midas to own one of these limited editions, but it couldn't hurt. Benjamin Katz Gourmet Sugarplums are an artisanal confection produced for the aficionado of sweets. The Limited Edition is directed to the connoisseur who appreciates the prestige of owning a delight only a few can acquire.

As I mentioned in my paper The Savage Approach, I treat this process like art. I will personally hand make each sugarplum using the finest organic and natural ingredients. Limited EditionEach tin comes with an archival, signed & numbered mini-print. Fade resistant DuraBrite Ultra Inks and archival photo paper are used to produce the mini-prints (fade resistance of 100+ years), which are then laminated for even more protection. For display, they will fit in a stock 5” x 7” frame. This print authenticates your enjoyment of a Benjamin Katz™ Gourmet Sugarplums Limited Edition. The graphics printed on the tin's top will identify the tin as a Limited Edition. In addition, I will sign and number the underside of the top. Click on prints below to view an enlargement.

The 2013 tin will have a custom made polypropylene insert that will hold twelve sugarplums instead of the eleven pictured here.

There will be twelve sugarplum flavors in the Limited Edition. Those will be: Traditional, Walnut/Apple-Raisin, Almond/Raspberry-Chocolate, Almond/Peanut Butter-Marshmallow, Almond/Chocolate-Peppermint, Pecan/Chocolate-Date, Almond/Raisin-Peach, Almond/Coconut-Chocolate, Almond/Raspberry, Almond/Pineapple-Raisin, Almond/Blueberry, and Walnut/Cranberry. The Limited Edition's will be the only tins sold that will contain twelve different flavors.

Framed RenditionsRegister your name in our database to be notified as soon as this Limited Edition goes on sale, estimated to be sometime in June 2013. There will be a maximum of 125 tins in the edition. Those registered will be notified one week before the edition becomes available to the general audience. Registrants will have the first opportunity to purchase.

Registrants in the database are time stamped and auto-incremented. If there are more than 125 registrants, the first 125 will be notified first and given the opportunity to purchase a tin(s) within 24 hours. For example, if we get 350 registrants, we will notify the top 125 first. If 85 of the tins are purchased within the 24 hour period, that means there are 40 tins remaining in the edition. The next 40 registrants on the list will then be contacted and given the opportunity to purchase and so forth until we have notified everyone on the list. If the edition is sold out and there are people remaining on the list, they will all be notified that the edition has been sold. Each will sequentially placed at the top of the 2014 list if they so choose.

If registrants do not purchase the entire edition, tins will be available until December 1, 2013. If the edition has not sold out by December 1, the number of tins sold will reflect the number in the edition. Click the Register link below to add your name to the 2013 list.

Signed & Numbered Limited Edition (Per Tin): $135.00


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