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Tins Made From Steel – The #1 Sustainable Package

A tin can is the best choice you can make for sustainability. Decorative tins made from tin-plated steel are infinitely recyclable. Recycling a tin package uses fewer resources and energy than for other materials. Each tin can contains between 25 and 60% recycled steel.

The World Steel Association reports that the global steel can recycling rate has reached its highest record level of 68%. Custom tin containers extend shelf life.

Decorative tins are not usually thrown away and are frequently recycled through reuse or kept as a collectible.

Quick Facts About Steel Packaging:

  • Recycling steel uses 60% less energy than making new
  • .
  • Every can that you buy is at least 25% recycled steel.

  • Steel can be easily separated from other waste with a magnet.

  • There are more than 2,000 scrap steel processors in the US.

  • Every 2,000 lbs. of recycled steel saves 2,500 lbs. of iron ore, 1400 lbs. of coal and 120 lbs of limestone.

  • Each year, more steel is recycled than glass, paper, aluminum and plastic combined.Test candy tray
  • Fade resistant, UV inks are used on the tin’s top. I use acid free and lignin-free stock for the bottom label and sugarplum identification label.

    The sample tin at the top of the page has eleven sugarplums. I have been using candy cups to hold each sugarplum, but that presented a problem. I want to have a dozen sugarplums per tin. I could not force another sugarplum into the tin using the cups. So I designed a polypropylene candy tray that theoretically would hold twelve sugarplums. The spacing would be tight, but I thought it would work. To test my theory, I built a small vacuum forming table and purchased some black polypropylene that is USDA approved for food. I then built a small, three receptacle mold based on calculations from my full size design. You can see the results of my test at right. The sugarplums fit into the receptacles and the spacing was fine. At some point, I will get the twelve cavity insert produced. But for the immediate future, I will use the candy cups.


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